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“You’re a producer. Produce.” – Kevin Spacey, Swimming with Sharks

“Produce” has been my calling for more than a decade, with some of the most recognizable brands in America. Whether it’s a national multimedia campaign with a seven-figure budget or a photo shoot on the other side of town, I have a wide range of experience, from pie-in-the-sky to down-and-dirty.

My job is to help make ideas real. That means staying within a timeline, budget and production solution. (Usually all three.) Most of the time, it's an idea that needs a solution. Sometimes, it's a budget that needs an idea and solution. Whatever the situation, you can bet that I'll have an opinion about what to do and a way to get it done. 

I bring a blue-collar work ethic to the art of production. I've run a construction company, sold commercial insurance, run a high-end talent agency, developed real estate. Those experiences have taught me one thing: at the end of the day, my job is all about helping people. And I feel lucky to help people who are responsible for making great photos, TV commercials, videos, radio spots and designs.